LinkedIn Lead Generation

Generating qualified leads through automation for a B2B AI SaaS startup

Lead Generation

Marketing Automation

A/B Testing

LinkedIn Lead Generation

Generating qualified leads through automation for a B2B AI SaaS startup

Lead Generation

Marketing Automation

A/B Testing

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Who is the customer

Klondike is the first Open Source AI Platform for CRM, ERP & eCommerce. Its goal is to make Artificial Intelligence accessible and beneficial to small and medium-sized businesses. The platform offers a wide range of services, including Chatbots, Classifiers, Sales tools, and the ability to create custom solutions tailored to customer needs.

Alex Roggero
CMO • Klondike

More than a supplier, a real Partner! With Stratega, we found a key partner for our Growth with which we will collaborate for a long time. A great experience, strongly suggested!


Klondike embarked on a transformative journey after achieving a significant milestone – securing its initial client base, which included prominent industry leaders. With its AI-driven CRM, ERP, and eCommerce platform, Klondike had proven its worth in revolutionizing how small and medium-sized businesses harness the power of Artificial Intelligence.


Create a relevant network

Generate qualified leads

Validate a new growth channel


Target Personas Design

Personas are designed to understand customers and address key pain points in the communication strategy

Contact Identification

Target companies are segmented; decision-makers are identified, including figures from both Business and IT Management

Strategy Definition

The strategy included the identification of best-performing products among available algorithms and association with the relevant target 

Automation Setup

Setup of the process to automate, including specific copy for each target role and company

Monitoring & Optimization

Campaigns were optimized by working on different decision-maker roles based on the target company

A/B Testing & Iterations

Copy, targets (both companies and decision-maker roles), and communication strategies are A/B tested to optimize performance


The strategic collaboration between Klondike and Stratega yielded remarkable results that should pique the interest of any B2B tech founder. In a mere two months, our lead generation campaigns achieved astounding outcomes:

  • 74 High-Quality Leads: Our meticulously crafted strategy generated a pipeline of 74 qualified leads, each representing a potential game-changing partnership.
  • 13 Business Calls & Demos: These leads translated into 13 valuable business calls and product demonstrations with enterprises. This engagement showcased Klondike’s AI prowess and resulted in a noteworthy average deal value of 20,000€.

  • Impressive 70% Response Rate: Klondike’s LinkedIn outreach achieved an outstanding response rate of 70% across targeted accounts. This not only reflects the effectiveness of our approach but also signifies the establishment of a substantial network of highly profiled prospects.

The success of our campaigns can be attributed to our nuanced communication strategy. By adopting a non-sales tone in our initial messages and follow-ups, we ensured that our outreach resonated with leads who genuinely had a need for Klondike’s innovative solutions. This approach not only fostered meaningful connections but also increased the likelihood of conversion.

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