Lead Generation with Pickeat

Generating qualified leads for the B2B line of business of a FoodTech platform

Lead Generation

Marketing Automation

A/B Testing

Lead Generation with Pickeat

Generating qualified leads for the B2B line of business of a FoodTech platform

Lead Generation

Marketing Automation

A/B Testing

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Who is the customer

Pickeat is a FoodTech startup, operating in the restaurant business. It has developed a proprietary platform to pre-order meals before heading to restaurants or other venues, in order to drastically reduce waiting times at restaurants, saving precious time for consumers, and increasing table rotations for businesses. On top of serving consumers and restaurants alike, it has also launched a B2B Business Unit targeted at corporate clients, events & fairs, and company canteens.

Giacomo Perazzo
Co-Founder & CEO • Pickeat

Much more than a simple supplier or agency to rely on. Startega’s a perfect partner for our project to identify the correct strategy and expand our clientele.

The response and conversion rates were in line with what was stipulated in the contract and the value of the leads generated exceeded our expectations, bringing us highly valuable customers who have opened channels to us with their partners.

We will definitely start another project soon!


As part of its bootstrapping Strategy, Pickeat launched its go-to-market with two main pillars: geographical proximity (to start small and maximise local network effects) and focus on the B2B channel (to gain several users via targeted contracts with their employers, events, etc.). The main advantage of this Strategy is that it allows to gain significant traction and key users with just a few closed deals.

Having validated the project with the first few corporate partners and events, Pickeat contacted Stratega to scale up the B2B channel. The aim was to generate leads of corporate companies, and offer them the app as an added service for employees. Stratega suggested operating an automated outreach campaign, on the LinkedIn channel, targeting key decision makers in the target companies.

Through the use of tools such as Waalaxy, the Stratega team set up an automated E2E process replicating human actions on Linkedin, for the accounts of two Pickeat founders. This allows to contact and follow-up on prospects, with the minimum human effort involved. When the lead has replied, and shows some level of interest, the sales team steps in to continue negotiations and brings the lead towards a demo or call.


Validate B2B growth channels

Find qualified Partners leads

Improve KPIs for investment


Buyer Personas Design

Personas are designed to understand customers and address key pain points in the communication strategy

Contact Identification

Target companies are segmented into clusters (eg. size), and respective key decision makers are identified and retrieved

Strategy Definition

the outreach strategy is defined, in terms of objectives, touchpoints, assets and communication

Automation Setup

the process is setup on Waalaxy automation tool, including copy, and webhooks for CRM and Excel integration

Monitoring & Optimization

KPIs are monitored and optimised, for ex. increasing acceptance rate through the improvement of the linkedin profile

A/B Testing & Iterations

copy, audiences (both companies and decision makers) and communication strategies are A/B tested to optimise performance


The campaigns were a success, generating 38 qualified leads in just under 2 months, with 3 contracts already closed and 7 already on the final contracting phase. On top of that, discussions are ongoing with several other corporations, at various levels of the organisation.

A key aspect to the success of the campaigns was starting off with a friendly customer-oriented tone, investigating the clients’ needs before speaking of a potential partnership. Combined with the segmentation of customers and respective decision-makers, it allowed to validate the existence of the problem and the inclination of the decision makers.

From a technical perspective, the campaigns’ excellent performance was due mostly to continuous monitoring and optimization through testing and iterations, and to the integration of existing marketing assets (blog posts, brochures, case studies, …) directly into the campaigns.
On top of several qualified leads (a few with over 1B in sales), Pickeat now has a validated B2B growth channel, which it can scale up and expand on other customer segments.

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