Prototyping with Redrays

Developing a no-code wireframe for a SaaS Startup in the cybersecurity industry

User Journeys

UX/UI Design


Prototyping with Redrays

Developing a no-code wireframe for a SaaS Startup in the cybersecurity industry

User Journeys

UX/UI Design


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Who is the customer

Redrays is a cybersecurity Startup, accelerated by Startup Wise Guys. Thanks to its international team and deep industry knowledge, it develops and markets a SaaS solution which performs Cybersecurity Assessments on company ERPs. The app they are developing allows users to identify all open ports on managed networks, assess their vulnerabilities, and generate reports with security issues and suggestions to handle them.
Strong with its SAP certification, Redrays has launched its 1.0 version of the app, as a technical PoC (proof of concept) and as a market validation, to gain initial traction.

Vahagn Vardanian
CTO • RedRays

The guys from Stratega are very professional. They helped us make a beautiful and usable UI/UX on time, considering our clients’ needs.


The released PoC, while perfectly functioning from a back-end point of view, was not meant to be a final version of the app and had a very basic UI and functionalities. Redrays contacted Stratega to work on a Design update of their front-end, to go-to-market with a more user friendly product.

Stratega highlighted how for B2B SaaS products the user experience is often a key factor in product adoption, and not strictly the design. However, testing the UX would require the app to be developed, and that would have taken quite some time and investment. So, the project pivoted to include the creation of a no-code wireframe, which was built in weeks and not months, and with a smaller investment.

The wireframe is created via linking together several mockup screens, through simulated buttons, effectively creating a clickable version of the final product, which doesn’t require any code or back-end integration. This wireframe, or prototype, can be presented to users and be tested, to gather early feedback on functionalities and the overall experience. This feedback is collected prior to actual development of the app, allowing for simpler iterations during the design phase, and a faster and frictionless development.


Design user-friendly interface

Solve existing UX pain points

Test with key users


As-Is Journey Assessment

Formalise current user journeys on the PoC app and identify major blockers and pain points to solve

To-Be Main Journey design

Design mockups of main screens, to solve priority pain points and grab low hanging fruits

Detailed functionalities

Design mockups of detailed functionalities and actions on the app, to solve also minor issues, optimise UX and ease adoption

Wireframe CreationTesting

Wireframe Creation (iterative): link screens to create the clickable prototype, with no code and back-end, following the updated user journeys


Live testing of the prototype with actual end users and clients to gather early feedback, and submit surveys to gather KPIs

Update Design

Implement feedback from tests in the designs, merging aesthetic design improvements with functionalities to optimise UX


All identified pain points were solved during the design phase. The testing phase was key in identifying further improvements for the application, and since no code was used, design iterations were fairly quick and cheap.
The final tests were very successful, with an outstanding NPS of 9.5.

The design we were able to validate saved the company over 60% of its development budget. Redrays now has a validated design, with a smooth and simple user interface, and can proceed to develop the front-end without fear of building something that doesn’t work.

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