Lead Generation with VTE

Generating qualified leads through automation for the largest Open Source Italian CRM

Lead Generation

Marketing Automation

A/B Testing

Lead Generation with VTE

Generating qualified leads through automation for the largest Open Source Italian CRM

Lead Generation

Marketing Automation

A/B Testing

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Who is the customer

Vtenext is the first Open Source Italian CRM solution, launched in 2008. Serving over 2000 businesses, it can count on over 90 certified partners and a community of almost 100.000 users. Its CRM solution is 100% customizable based on clients needs, thanks to the flexibility provided by being Open Source.

Over the years it has increased its functionalities and capabilities, covering areas such as marketing, sales, customer services, etc.
Its latest and most distinctive function has been the integration of a very powerful Business Process Management (BPM) engine, capable of providing a 360° coverage to all company processes, removing barriers and bottlenecks, while collecting data.

Giulia Magnabosco
Marketing & Communication • Vtenext

It was a pleasure to collaborate with the Stratega team, which was extremely professional and goal oriented.


Having an already established customer base and validated sales process, Vtenext was seeking for further channels to increase its growth. Stratega was contacted to explore potential growth opportunities with outbound marketing, and suggested to test automated outreach campaigns. After a thorough analysis, LinkedIn was chosen as the channel and the strategy was set up: three Sales Specialists were selected, and each given an associated customer segment to work with (Small Business, Medium Business, Partners).

The aim of this campaign was to generate leads of interested companies, funnelling them towards a sales call or product demo. Stratega implemented an automated process for each of the involved sales accounts, replicating their actions on LinkedIn. With these automation tools, prospects were contacted and followed-up on; and only when the prospect replied did the sales team take over and work the lead.

The strategy also included as secondary objectives, on top of generating leads, the funnelling of prospects towards Vtenext’s existing digital assets (case studies, webinars, newsletter) to exploit a longer funnel when necessary.


Validate a new growth channel

Generate qualified Leads

Feed the long term funnel


Target Persona Design

Personas are designed to understand customers and address key pain points in the communication strategy

Contact Identification

Target companies are segmented; decision-makers and objectives are associated to each segment, for maximum performance

Strategy Definition

The strategy included the integration of multiple touchpoints as well as integrating existing assets (cases, webinars, …)

Automation Setup

The process is setup on the automation tool, with a dedicated copy for each segment, and webhooks for CRM/excel integration

Monitoring & Optimization

Targeting was optimised by filtering out inactive users on LinkedIn, increasing overall reply rates on all campaigns

A/B Testing & Iterations

copy, audiences (both companies and decision makers) and communication strategies are A/B tested to optimise performance


The campaigns overall performance was successful, generating positive ROI in roughly 2 months of execution. From all generated contacts (40 % reply rate) Vtenext Sales Team generated 37 qualified leads, with two open negotiations and already a conversion. Some campaigns performed better than others, with the Small Business segment excelling.

Key to the success of the campaigns was initially focusing on the clients’ needs and problems, instead of offering solutions, which allowed to start engaging with clients easily, and focus on the ones whose problems could be solved. Segmenting customers upfront and tailoring communication for each segment was instrumental in this.

Campaigns had excellent technical KPIs as well, with final reply rates and acceptance rates highly above targets. This level was reached thanks to continuous monitoring optimization: when acceptance rates were particularly low, we realised that SME entrepreneurs in traditional industries can be very inactive on LinkedIn, and thus filtered in only active accounts in our databases, doubling acceptance rates in under a week.
VTE has now a validated growth channel, several qualified leads to exploit with their longer funnel strategy, and a pipeline of experiments to continue outreach operations.

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