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Our proven track record of generating ROI for our clients speaks for itself. Discover how we can help your business grow through our data-driven and ROI-focused strategies.

Don't hire us for cost. Hire us for ROI.

Worrying about costs can actually cost you much more in the long run. We help you make wise investments, delivering fast and measurable returns that more than cover our fees. Our team’s expertise in SaaS marketing, growth hacking, and automation allows us to optimize your campaigns, cut unnecessary expenses, and achieve the results you need. Don’t focus on the price, focus on the value you will get with Stratega.

Our sprints starts from €2,489/month.

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The growth rate depends on various factors such as product-market fit, pricing strategy, sales and marketing efforts, competition, and the overall market demand for the product. With a well-executed SaaS marketing strategy and a scalable business model, a SaaS company has the potential to experience rapid growth. However, there is no guarantee of a specific growth rate and it’s essential to continuously analyze and adapt to market conditions to sustain and grow the business.

Developing an effective inbound strategy takes time and effort to continuously improve your team for long-term growth. We help set attainable goals, track KPIs such as cost-per-lead (CPL), analyze which channels and content generate the most website traffic, and optimize conversion rates. Progress and results will be regularly shared in reports, with recommendations provided for continued improvement.